Data Formats

Date & Time

Writing Dates

The dates should follow a certain format depending on context as illustrated below. Note that some of these guidelines are from static copy as opposed to dates generated by the system.

Element Description Example Implementation
Date of the month in a sentence When talking about the important dates for monthly box releases, write the numeral and the appropriate ordinal indicator. On the 1st of each month we’ll email your new themed box selection.
Current box month Name the month, written out in full Check out February's new boxes
Product's "ships by" date When the product is available to ship should be sensitive to the current date—attempt to aid the user with relative phrasing (e.g. today, tomorrow) when appropriate. Ships today, February 2
Ships by tomorrow, February 3
Ships by July 10
Available to ship today
Date of an event (ex. store order) Write out the full month, date, and year January 9, 2016
Credit card expiration Write the date as it appears on the credit card, two-digit month slash two-digit year 10/18

Writing Times

The times should follow the formats illustrated below.

Element Description Example Implementation
Time in a sentence Write the time on a 12-hour time format, followed a space and the period, written with the periods and in lowercase (e.g. "a.m." or "p.m."). 10:00 a.m.


Some written date and time may have to be shortened due to space concerns in the UI. When it is necessary to abbreviate date and time for this reason, follow the guidelines below.

Element Description Example Implementation
Month Can be abbreviated for space, mostly when not in a full sentence and in all caps. JAN 10
Time Can be abbreviated for space, and rounded to the nearest hour. 8 a.m.

Data Redaction & Truncation

Element Description Example Implementation
Data redaction For numeric redaction, use midline ellipses (3 •) after the card type, with small spaces in between them (or tracked out), followed by the last 4 digits. Visa •••1234
Data truncation with baseline ellipses Truncated for space concerns. Add baseline ellipses at the end of the visible content. loremipsum@sampleemailaddre…